S1E10: Behind the Scenes of a Holistic Vet Business (Part 2)

In this episode of the Candid Conversations small business podcast, your co-hosts Dan and Sagan interview Dr. Linda Hamilton of Natural Healing Veterinary Care. Dr. Linda shares what it’s like managing payroll, how she’s handled letting go of employees who aren’t the right fit, how her business has changed over the years, and what it’s been like to learn how to delegate when you’re a micromanager.

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Show Notes

0:00 Introduction to the podcast

0:35 Sponsor thank-you

0:40 Intro to our guest (CandidPodcast.ca/ep6)

1:20 Update on our business

This is the LAST episode of Season 1 of Candid Conversations! We’re taking a break until the new year.

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Case study of of our business.

4:10 Intro to Dr. Linda

Part 1 of her Candid Conversation: CandidPodcast.ca/ep6

4:50 Is doing payroll really as scary as you thought it would be?

“As a small business person, you never pay yourself first. You have to pay the government first; you have to pay taxes, then you have to pay your employees, then you have to pay for your utilities and suppliers. When you first start a business, you never pay yourself first.” – Dr. Linda

“If you are able to pay yourself in the first 5 years, then you’re considered a success.” – Dr. Linda

7:35 Using QuickBooks and getting an accountant for your business

“When I was first starting, it was trial by fire. You have to figure all that stuff out. Accountants are great for this.” – Dr. Linda

9:20 Figuring out taxes and write-offs

10:00 The importance of doing self-assessments

11:20 Figuring out how to do payroll

14:00 What it really means to have business expenses

15:00 Learning experience of managing things with employees

16:30 What are some recommendations/tips you have for other business owners?

“When you’re in business, you start to relate to other people in the industry; it’s important to share that information.” – Dr. Linda

17:40 What happens when you need to let go of employees?

“When I first started a business, I thought, ‘how am I going to deal with Human Resources and managing staff?’ But I realized, I’m doing it the way I like it, I have a plan. When someone starts to dictate how your business will be run, it’s very easy to let go of an employee at that point.” – Dr. Linda

24:20 Shoutout to Winnipeg Improv Festival

25:25 How has your typical day at work changed from when you first started your business to what it looks like now, years later?

37:40 What it all comes down to…

“What I’m getting from all of this is that what it comes down to is delegating really well, and having certain systems in place where you can get to the point of working less.” – Sagan.

38:00 The difficulties of delegating in your business

“When it’s your business and your baby, it’s really hard to let go and delegate!” – Dr. Linda

“I had to take baby steps. It was MY problem with delegating: my staff was absolutely capable; I had to let go and let them do their jobs. What a relief it is! You do have to trust your people, and I had a hard time letting go, but it makes a difference to have fantastic employees.” – Dr. Linda

39:40 Importance of thanking your employees

“If you’re an employer, thank your employees. It’s so, so important!” – Dr. Linda

40:45 Importance of networking, reaching out to the community, and advertising

“One of the best things I did, and it might not be for everybody, but in my line of business word of mouth is huge, so a big thing I did was have lovely business cards designed. My clients were my best advertisers! They were giving my cards out at the dog park.” – Dr. Linda

43:40 Making business cards unique

“In having business cards, if you can find some way to make it stand out and be useful in a unique way, that’s going to be very valuable for people.” – Sagan

“Social media should be a supporting role, rather than the first and only type of advertising out there.” – Dan

44:40 Making use of word-of-mouth advertising

“You need to talk your business up. If you’re not talking about it, if you’re not promoting yourself, that’s a problem. No one cares about your business more than you do. You have to rely on yourself to get yourself out there. If you’re not passionate about what you do, you’re not going to have success.” – Dr. Linda

45:45 Learn more about Dr. Linda

Website: NaturalHealingVet.com

Facebook: Natural Healing Veterinary Care

47:25 Thanks for listening!

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48:10 Outtake 🙂

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