Pitching Clients 101

You know that clients = income with your freelance business. But the idea of pitching clients? Eeek! That send you running in the other direction.

What if landing your first (and subsequent!) client didn’t have to be so scary?

What if you could pitch the right clients—and with confidence?

Here’s the thing: you NEED clients if you want your business to bring in any money.

It’s that simple.

No clients, no income.

It doesn’t matter how awesome your skillset is: if you don’t have the ability to market yourself well, then you’re going to get lost in the noise.

After all, your clients aren’t going to magically appear out of thin air! You have to put in the work to find them.

But it doesn’t need to be an intimidating process.


You can land your first client, and your next 5, 10, 20+ clients, with confidence and without fear, when you know HOW to reach out and pitch them.

Pitching Clients 101 teaches you how to do exactly that. 

This program will enable you to FINALLY land your first client… and you can use the strategies in Pitching Clients 101 to reach out to and pitch future clients again and again.

…which also means you’ll bring in a steady income for your business!

Pitching clients leads to getting hired to work on projects.

Working on projects leads to making money from your awesome freelancing skills.

And as you bring in more and more of an income, you’ll have the ability to…

  • Quit your day job
  • Go on that vacation you’ve always wanted
  • Save money for a house
  • Relieve the financial burden from your spouse
  • Give back to the community and donate to causes you care about
  • …or whatever else you’d love to do in life!

It all begins with the right pitch — and we’re here to help you with that.

About Your Instructors…

Hi! We’re Sagan and Dan. Between the two of us, we have nearly 20 years of combined business experience.

Although we’re business partners now with our communications education agency (Juxta Communications), we’ve also had various other solo businesses in the past: nutrition consulting, digital marketing, and freelance writing/editing/social media management.

…Which means we’ve had to work at finding new clients again and again over the years!

To be honest, we’re both introverts. We aren’t naturals at selling. In fact, neither of us LIKE being salesy.

However, we’ve gotten really good at getting clients over the years… and we’ve discovered ways that work well for us (yes, even as introverts!).

You don’t need to be salesy or extroverted to pitch clients with confidence! You just need the right strategies and tried-and-true methods to help you out. That’s exactly what you’ll get in Pitching Clients 101.

“Sagan is really engaging! She has an impressive screen presence and speaks clearly and succinctly. Sagan has plenty of personality, but it doesn’t distract from her points. She highlights what’s important without overdoing it and shares concrete information. Juxta Communications has a supportive, inspiring vibe, and they’ve proven that they have great value in their e-courses!”

– Alyssa


Hurry—price increases soon.

Wouldn’t it be nice to approach clients stress-free and with a concrete strategy in place for landing that contract?

Yeah it would!

If you’re just starting your freelance business and you…

  • Feel awkward, uncomfortable, or intimidated by the idea of pitching clients
  • Hate feeling “pushy” or “salesy” when you pitch
  • Don’t know how to find the right client for your unique business
  • Have no idea what language to use when approaching potential clients
  • Want a confidence boost + practical tips for pitching without the fear

…then Pitching Clients 101 is the PERFECT fit for you!


PLUS THE BONUS: Live group coaching call

For a limited time, when you enroll you’ll get exclusive access to a live group coaching call where we’ll give you feedback on any client issues or questions you have. Got a prospect you’re struggling with reaching out to? We’ll provide support and brainstorm ideas with you!

Pitching clients for the first time doesn’t have to be scary.

When you have the tips, tools, and templates to do it right, you can feel confident about bringing in a real income for your business.

Modules & Course Material


  • Introduction to this e-course
  • Introduction to your instructors

Identify your ideal client

  • How to identify your ideal client
  • Understanding yourself & your business better
  • Understanding your ideal client better
  • Worksheet: create your ideal client profile
  • Cheat sheet: ideas for what to focus on during this process

Create your prospect directory

  • 5 steps to create your client directory
  • 10 points to include in your client directory
  • How to find & compile your prospect list
  • Checklist: prospect research & plan
  • Template: prospect directory spreadsheet

Define your brand’s voice

  • Why your brand’s voice matters
  • How to construct your brand’s voice
  • Additional communication tips
  • Worksheet: how to choose the right words/phrases for you

Prepare for the pitch

  • 10 things to know before you pitch clients
  • Common questions clients ask & how to respond
  • What to tell clients when you don’t have much experience
  • Getting past the fear
  • Worksheet: your answers to common client questions

Make the pitch

  • 3 ways to pitch clients
  • Email pitch formula
  • In-person networking tips
  • 4 stages of the pitch meeting
  • Worksheet: how to craft your pitch

After the pitch

  • Best practices for following up with clients after making the pitch
  • Why prospects sometimes say “no”
  • 8 ideas for what to do if a client says “no”
  • Where to go from here
  • Worksheet: assessment for why a client said “no”


“Sagan’s helped me not just with how to find clients, but what to do once you have them!”

– Melanie

Enroll in Pitching Clients 101 for just $19 (valued at $99!).

Frequently Asked Questions…

1) What if I already have a few clients, but still need help with pitching and marketing?

You’re in luck! Pitching Clients 101 will help you beyond landing an initial client, because you can use these strategies again and again, no matter where you’re at in your business journey. If marketing to clients and pitching to them is something you struggle with, then this program is for you.

2) When does this course begin?

We are currently in pre-sale mode. All course materials will be made available to you by mid-May.

3) How much does the program cost?

Although the program is valued at $99, you can get it at the early bird rate for only $19!

That’s 80% savings.

But hurry—price increases on April 23.

4) What if not enough people enroll at the pre-sale rate?

This e-course requires a minimum of 30 enrollments before we’ll create the e-course. We are confident we’ll get there (and you can help make sure that this e-course is created by encouraging your friends and colleagues to enroll!), but if for whatever reason we are unable to create the materials, you’ll receive a 100% full refund.

5) How long do I have access to the materials?

You get LIFETIME access to everything in this e-course. It is completely self-paced so you can go through the material at your leisure.

6) I’m deaf or hard-of-hearing. Is this material accessible for me?

It sure is! This course is text-based. If/when we add videos, we’ll include word-for-word transcripts as well.

7) Is this program right for me?

This e-course is right for you if you…

– Are nervous about reaching out to clients
– Would love help getting your first client
– Are worried you won’t be able to find any new clients
– Struggle to pitch clients
– Don’t know how to get quality clients

8) How much time will it take me to go through this course?

You can easily get through all the materials in one day. We know you’re busy, so we’re focusing on a value-packed, fluff-free program! The materials are concise and action-oriented. 

9) What if I’m unhappy with this program?

We’d never want you to be unhappy! If you’re disappointed in this e-course, please contact us within the first 7 days of purchase for your refund. That’s our 100% money-back happiness guarantee!

Please note that for pre-sales, your 7-day refund period will begin once the materials are made available to you in May.

10) What if I have more questions after taking this e-course?

You can shoot us an email whenever you have any questions or comments — we’re happy to help you out and point you in the right direction as needed!

Plus, if you want to learn how to KEEP your clients once you’ve got them (since finding new clients costs 5x more than retaining existing clients!), you’ll have an opportunity at the checkout to grab our Keep Your Clients e-course for a special bonus price of an additional $19 🙂


“Your marketing ideas and tips have taken a lot of the myths out of how to find clients, so I feel more prepared than ever to start pitching!”

– Lauren


Please note that program is currently in pre-sale mode: lessons will be made available to you on May 14. Minimum of 30 students must enroll in the program before we create it, so invite your friends to join the fun too!

Note: In the event that not enough students purchase the program by April 30 and this masterclass is not created, you will receive a full refund. No strings attached.