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Five things NOT to do in a news release

I receive at least a few news releases every single day in my inbox for new! and! exciting! health-type products, services, promotions and books. And to be honest, most of these news releases annoy the hell out of me because there’s just so many things wrong with them. Here is what bothers me the most…

In the Media: writing tips

One of the women I work with recently sent out a few articles, and now I’m completely hooked on Here are some neat tips you might find useful for your own writing: – 5 ways to write an e-newsletter people will read – Keep yourself covered with these 8 proofreading tips – Who vs….

Forms of Rhetoric: Newspaper Layout

Gunther Kress and Theo van Leeuwen have written an article entitled “Front Pages: Analysis of Newspaper Layout”. Even if you aren’t involved in working with a newspaper, and even if you don’t read the newspaper, you likely see them all over the place and thus have an idea of newspaper layout. The Internet may be…

What makes a magazine appealing?

Magazines are a highly competitive industry. Women’s magazines, in particular, are very competitive because of the number of top-selling magazines. Most of them have a focus on fashion, beauty, celebrity gossip, and health/well-being. They also often include recipes, relationship advice, “real life” stories, and weight-loss advice. Magazines rely a lot on the look and feel…

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