what you need to know about gdpr
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What you need to know about GDPR

There’s a lot of information circulating around regarding GDPR, including some confusion and ambiguity about what it means for online business owners. I did the research on it so you don’t have to—here’s an overview of what you need to know about GDPR: What is the GDPR? The GDPR (or General Data Protection Regulation) is…

marketing strategy template
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Marketing Strategy Template

The following is an adapted excerpt from the Small Business Case Study. You can learn more about how we market our business, including get a fillable worksheet for your very own marketing strategy template, in that Case Study.  Marketing is a REALLY important piece of any business. As Stew pointed out in episode 7 of the…

A&A3: Google Analytics in a Nutshell (Pt. 1)

Start With a Question and then Use Data to Answer that Question Alcohol & Analytics – Episode 3 Freelance Coach, Sagan Morrow, and I have met up once again to chat Google Analytics, Search Engine Optimization, and Dark Social in our third episode of Alcohol & Analytics, which was recorded on February 20, 2017. Here…

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Should Freelancers Blog? 10 Steps to Starting a Blog for Your Business

Should freelancers blog? Too many small business owners and freelancers jump into getting a blog (just like they jump into having an email list!) without actually thinking about WHY they’re doing it.  Having a blog for your freelance business can be AMAZING for marketing purposes, connecting with your audience, and just sharing your knowledge with…

Alcohol & Analytics: Google Analytics Webinar

If you’ve ever had questions about Google Analytics, now is the time to start collecting them. In a collaboration with Sagan Morrow of, we will be bringing an all-new, one of a kind video web series / series of webinars titled “Alcohol and Analytics.” This video series will be tailored to any questions you, the audience…

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