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Juxta Communications is a communications education agency: we provide online courses, consulting services, and training seminars for all things digital marketing and freelancing.

Sagan and Dan bring nearly 20 years of combined work experience to the table. We have taught dozens of other business owners over the last couple years and have extensive experience working with clients, from solopreneurs to non-profits to international corporations and everything in between. Learn more about us.

Online courses & educational products

We offer a variety of online courses to empower you to…

  • Start and grow your freelance business
  • Make a living from your blog
  • Transition out of your 9 to 5 job and into working from home full-time
  • Make progress with your small business in just 15 minutes/day

Learn more about our online courses and educational products.

Consulting services

Our consulting services help you to…

  • Improve your website copy and create a strategy for your blog and social media platforms
  • Set up (and understand!) Google Analytics and make use of its robust data to further your business
  • Get started with paid and organic advertising
  • Identify your business goals and create a strategic action plan for achieving them

Learn about our one-on-one coaching program. 

“Being in the Biz Bestie program has been really helpful for me just to have someone to talk to who knows the business, who knows what the struggle is like. For me, this has been a success!

Thanks to the Biz Bestie program, I got more clarity on the day-to-day of running an actual business, not just trying to find clients but what to do once you have them.

At our first call, I was still at my day job; now, two months later, I feel like I’ve done a lot and a lot has changed, even in my own mind. It seems like a short period of time, but so much can happen during that time! This was good timing for me, with the amount of support I needed—it’s been great.”

– Melanie, freelance writer

Training seminars

Our in-person presentations and virtual workshops include topics such as…

  • Step-by-step strategies to improve time management and productivity in your workplace
  • How to market your freelance business effectively
  • Best practices for client communications
  • Digital marketing 101 for your small business
  • Tips for data collection and analysis

Get in touch to discuss how we can give a presentation in your workplace, speak at your conference/summit, or collaborate on a webinar for your audiences.

Examples of past speaking engagements…

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Sagan Morrow, Chief Communications Officer
Email: sagan@juxtacommunications.ca

Dan Nicholson, Chief Technology Officer
Email: dan@juxtacommunications.ca