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Great Resources for New Freelancers

I have now been freelancing full-time for about 11 months. It’s rather exciting! Freelancing is a wonderful experience. I absolutely love being a home-based small business owner. I am now getting to the stage where I have quite steady and long-term clients, which is fantastic, whereas my first month or three as a freelancer was largely spent…

Should I start a blog?

After recently launching Living Fashionably in the Real World, I got to thinking about blogging in general, and how you know when it’s time to start a blog, especially in this time period when anyone can start up a blog within the space of approximately five minutes. There are a few things to take into…

The Practical Guide: Freelancing (Part Five)

As a freelancer, most of your work is likely going to be conducted from home. This means that you don’t have a boss looking over your shoulder or a clock on the wall that tells you how many hours you’re supposed to work for and when you’re allowed to take breaks. You have to be both your own boss and your own employee. Follow these tips to keep you on track and organized.

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