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Behind the Scenes of Recording Our First Podcast Episode

By Sagan

Our timeline for creating a podcast moved very quickly: Dan came up with the idea on Monday March 20, we did an epic brainstorming session that very evening, and by Wednesday March 22 (yes, two days later!), we recorded the first episode. Less than a week later, we published that first episode on iTunes. Find out what it's like to record your very first podcast episode, in this special behind-the-scenes tour of what happened when we started our podcast! Get podcast tips in this article....

Talk about a whirlwind!

In the spirit of transparency and sharing the real, raw (one might even say… candid) behind-the-scenes of our business and podcast as we create it, today I want to dive into what REALLY happened when we recorded our first podcast episode.

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Recording Episode #1…

It was interesting to record our first podcast episode, because we were still feeling things out. Dan had started a podcast show quite a few months earlier when he worked at Sherpa Marketing, and I used to co-host an hour-long weekly talk radio show—so we’re both fairly comfortable talking into a microphone, and Dan had the tech side of things handled. We’ve also done live videos together with our Alcohol & Analytics series (and we’ve been good friends for quite a few years), so we knew we could carry on a decent discussion for the duration of a podcast episode.

Initially, our planned “template” of an outline for each podcast episode was this:

  • Start with sharing the behind-the-scenes of each of our businesses at the beginning of each episode
  • Transition into interviewing a guest
  • Do a short segment featuring business/brand shout-outs
  • Wrap up each episode with a business tip

We figured it would be about a 30-minute show.

Ha ha ha!

On the Wednesday night, we got together to start recording a couple hours before our guest arrived. I had created scripts for the intro and the outro of the show (basically, the first and last 30 seconds or so, when we introduce the podcast to you and wrap up the episode), and Dan had figured out what we were going to say for our sponsor message.

We had also come up with a brand that we each wanted to do a shout-out for, Dan had thought of a great business tip, and we’d sent a list of 8 questions to our guest.

Besides knowing our general topics, everything would be ad lib.

Because Dan already had the experience of creating a podcast, he knew what kind of software we needed and how to record it (thank goodness!). I had the Blue Yeti microphone for a nice clear sound.

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Almost immediately we ran into a problem, however: Dan’s laptop (which had the podcast software already onto it) didn’t have a USB portal, which we required for the microphone. So he had to download the software onto MY computer to make it work.

…This meant that we were already a little behind schedule, and we hadn’t even started! Nothing a couple glasses of whisky couldn’t handle, though.

Once the podcast software was all set up, it was time to record—starting with our introduction (and outro) to the podcast.

Unfortunately, I got VERY giggly at this point. Why? I don’t know. Sometimes I get giggly. I definitely messed up more than a few takes, which was especially ridiculous (albeit quite amusing) since that intro is SUPER SHORT. We literally had about two sentences to say.

(Pssst… you can hear one of those bloopers at the very end of episode #1. Fast-forward to the last minute or so ;))

After we finally managed to get the intro sorted out, it was time to chat about why we wanted to start the podcast, which went fairly smoothly. Then we also recorded shoutouts to a couple brands we love and what we adore about them, and we did the business tip.

SIDE NOTE: It wasn’t until the next couple days that we realized there was no way we could squeeze in the business tip and brand shoutouts into each episode, so they got cut.

BUT, in the spirit of giving you a peek behind the curtain, you can listen in on those raw (completely unedited!) files HERE:

Brand shoutout, featuring Tiny Feast and Barn Hammer

Business tip: 

(Parks & Rec fans will enjoy my reference to Joan’s “Gotcha” journalism at the beginning of the business tip segment…)

End of side note 🙂

The other piece of the episode that we needed to record before our guest, Monica, arrived was the sponsor message. This time it was Dan who started laughing and messing up the cuts instead of me 😉 It took us a few tries (and the first one was admittedly pretty stilted) until we got one where neither of us were giggling in the background. Wondering what it's REALLY like to record your first podcast episode? This blog post shares all the juicy behind-the-scenes details of recording our first podcast episode! Click on over to learn more now

The conversation with Monica went pretty smoothly. Monica and I have known each other for years in both working and friendship capacities, and she is one of my favorite people. I don’t see her as often as I’d like, because life gets in the way (doesn’t it always?!), so it was really fun to sit down and chat after months of not seeing each other! I also loved that her and Dan got a chance to meet. Two of my favorite people in the same room = best.

Going into Monica’s interview, Dan and I kind of assumed we would be going through the questions one by one on our list. But instead, we ended up just recording the first hour that we were hanging out, and it worked really well because it felt like we were just sitting down over a glass of wine, chatting about business (which… is basically exactly what we WERE doing!). The conversation was directed by some key questions, but it was cool to see how much we started talking about a few other things here and there, much of which made it into the final cut of the episode and which had been completely unplanned.

After recording the episode, there was a bunch of editing to be done (by Dan, rather than me, so you’re not going to get all the tech details in this particular blog post ;)) to cut things in the right place and piece it all together. This took many hours because we had been a little all-over-the-place in terms of jumping around from recording one thing to the next, and we hadn’t actually started Monica’s interview with getting her to tell us about her business (oops). So things had to be maneuvered to ensure a good flow in the conversation. Pro tip: start from the very basics/beginnings when interviewing a guest about what they do!

All in all, the results of our very first episode turned out pretty awesome! If you haven’t already listened in, you can check out episode #1 right here.

Stay tuned for our next behind-the-scenes blog post of recording episode #2!

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