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Podcast Tools and Resources Guide

Thinking about starting your own podcast? You’re in luck! With our new (free!) Podcast Tools & Resources Guide, you can get started with making a podcast this week. Want to start your own podcast? Use this no-cost podcast tools & resources cheatsheet to get started! This podcast tools and resources guide provides you with the basics for getting started with a podcast...

Grab the tools & resources cheatsheet for starting your podcast >>

After all, we created a podcast in just 48 hours—why shouldn’t you be able to do the same?

The Podcast Tools & Resources Guide features 19 tools and resources you can use to start a podcast. This handy cheatsheet is exactly what you need to get started as a podcast host when you’re a beginner podcaster (just like we were).

Guess what? We’ll be sharing more resources in the future on how to start a podcast, so grabbing this tools and resources cheatsheet NOW will mean you’ll get the inside scoop as we put together additional tips and materials!

This cheatsheet outlines a few must-have resources for…

  • Creating your podcast
  • Publishing your podcast
  • Marketing your podcast

After all, if you don’t market your podcast effectively, then what’s the point in creating and publishing it? People need to know that your podcast exists for you to grow your listener base. That’s why it’s important to place an emphasis on all three areas for your podcast: creating, publishing, and marketing. Grab the podcast tools & resources guide to start a podcast this week! This podcast tools and resources cheatsheet is perfect for the beginner podcaster. Click on over to get started with your new podcast now

We’re looking forward to sharing more tips and resources in the future on starting your own podcast—and of course, continuing to share the candid behind-the-scenes reality of what it’s like working on our podcast 🙂

Psst… you can click here to get the scoop on what worked for us—and what didn’t—while recording, publishing, and promoting the Candid Conversations podcast.

Grab the Podcast Tools & Resources Cheatsheet now! 

Get the tools & resources cheatsheet for starting your podcast >>

Got questions about how to start a podcast or requests for future resources (such as today’s free podcast tools & resources cheatsheet)? Share in the comments below:

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