Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Podcast Show Notes

What should you include in your podcast show notes? Everyone does podcast show notes a little bit differently, but here are our recommendations for doing podcast show notes…

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1) Create a template for yourself. Get your step-by-step guide to creating your own podcast show notes in this blog post (plus a podcast show notes checklist!

Your podcast show notes should be the same format for every episode. Consistency is key! Figure out the style you want to go with and stick with it. This will also make it that much easier for you to write the intro, resources section, etc. because you can copy and paste some of it from one episode to the next.

Your template might look differently from ours, but we like to begin with an introduction to the episode and a sponsor shout-out, the embedded episode from Soundcloud, a link to iTunes, and then a series of timestamps with associated topics and key pullquotes. We complete each podcast show notes with an “Awesome People & Resources Mentioned In This Episode” section, and an opportunity to connect with us farther and share the episode. We also include Click-To-Tweets and graphics throughout the podcast show notes (more on that below).

Click HERE to see an example of our podcast show notes.

2) Listen to the entire episode before writing your show notes.

Does this take a little extra time? YES, but I like doing it because it enables you to ensure that everything in the episode sounds good and flows well. You’ll be able to catch any errors and really listen to it as though you are your audience by doing this.

3) Listen to the episode again, this time making notes as you go in Google Docs.

I pause the episode constantly to make notes of what topics we talk about at which times during the episode, to write down key quotes, and to add to our bulleted list of resources we mention. It’s so much easier to make notes of resources mentioned in the episode as you’re listening to it! And it’s really helpful if your listeners can easily check out your podcast show notes for a complete list of all the resources you mention, in case they can’t find a particular resource on Google, for example.

4) Copy and paste all notes into a website’s blog post.

Here is where you add the intro and outro. You can delete quotes that aren’t so necessary, and tidy up any spelling errors etc as you go along. I recommend listening to the episode for a third time, because you can double-check that you have the timestamp right for every time you switch to a new topic.

I STRONGLY encourage you to include timestamps throughout the episode every time a new topic is introduced, because it will help listeners to jump to whichever section they’re most interested in. The purpose of podcast show notes is to be of value to your listeners, after all.


Grab the checklist to create your own show notes >>


5) Add links as needed. Wondering what to include in your podcast show notes? We've got you covered! This blog post features a step-by-step guide to creating awesome podcast show notes, PLUS a free checklist to help you out

Find the links that associate with all of the resources you mention to make your listener’s lives that much easier!

6) Create graphics to go with the podcast show notes.

I create 3 Pinterest-friendly (vertical) images, 1 square image, 1 Twitter-friendly (horizontal) image, and a series of square quote graphics in Canva. Then you can add as many or as few of those graphics to your show notes.

7) Add “Click-To-Tweet” buttons.

Click-To-Tweet is an awesome plugin! Add any key quotes/takeaways and put them in a Click-To-Tweet so that readers can easily post the show notes to Twitter with one click of a button.

8) Embed the episode from Soundcloud and publish your article.

Embed the episode so people can listen directly to your podcast episode from the podcast show notes, and then hit publish on your blog post. You’re all set! Now get to posting your show notes on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Instagram. Get the word out about your awesome podcast show notes 🙂

Want to see podcast show notes in action?

Click HERE to check out all our our Candid Conversations small business podcast show notes!

You’ll be able to see what it looks like with timestamps, quotes, images, and more to help you out with designing your own podcast show notes.

Grab the checklist to create your own show notes >>

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  1. Great resource. This is almost exactly how I do my notes. So far I have only done one Pinterest image. What types of things do you put in the 3 you create?

    I also think your suggestion of keeping things consistent is important. It allows listeners to become familiar and know right where to go with what they want.

    Are you familiar with Advanced Content Templates? It is a plugin I found that allows you to create any template you want to copy into pages and posts. It has helped me keep everything consistent and formatted the way I want. I started with show notes and have found a number of reasons to create different templates.

    • Thanks Stephanie! We use branded images and like to make each one look a little different (and also use a different alt tag for each one so that it provides different auto-descriptions on Pinterest.

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