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How to Create a Sponsor Packet for your Podcast

So you want to get sponsors for your podcast! That’s awesome. One thing you’ll want to have is a Sponsor Packet: a document outlining what a sponsor needs to know when they’re considering whether or not to sponsor your podcast. Let’s go over how to create a sponsor packet for your podcast today…

Grab your free real-life example of a podcast Sponsor Packet >>

Step 1: Gather data.

First, you’ll want to gather the data about your podcast. Check your podcast analytics or Google Analytics to find out the basic demographics of your listeners: gender, age, geographic location, number of downloads per episode, etc.

Psst… it’s okay to NOT include the number of downloads per episode if your numbers are really low! If a sponsor specifically asks for those numbers, then by all means share them. But if your numbers are low, then you’ll want to make sure your Sponsor Packet is framed in other benefits that the sponsor will get, which brings us to Step #2…

Learn how to create an awesome Sponsor Packet for your podcast in this step-by-step guide... plus grab a real-life sample of a podcast sponsor packet!

Step 2: Identify what sets you apart from the rest.

What makes your podcast special? Why should someone sponsor your podcast, instead of another one? This is especially important to identify if you don’t have too many podcast downloads, because you’ll need to specify what makes your podcast different and worth sponsoring, even if it doesn’t have viral reach.

Step 3: Outline what types of businesses would make for the *perfect* sponsor for your podcast.

This is going to help you best frame your Sponsor Packet so that it speaks directly to your ideal sponsor! Keep this information for your own internal use.

Grab your free real-life example of a podcast Sponsor Packet >>

Step 4: Decide exactly what your sponsors will get.

When you’re just starting out with getting sponsors, it’s best to go above and beyond for them. You might want to include three shout-outs in an episode (beginning, middle, and end), plus a link in the show notes and ongoing evergreen promotions on social media, for example. You could even include the sponsor’s logo in your show notes.

Step 5: Set your sponsorship rates.

It’s okay to start small! You can start with $50/episode, if you like, to get your foot in the door with sponsorships. Over time, you’ll want to increase your rates to a few hundred dollars per episode.

Psst… Consider doing bundled rates, so that sponsors get a discount if they sponsor three episodes instead of one episode, for example. Learn exactly how to create a podcast sponsor packet for your awesome podcast, plus get access to our own real-life Sponsor Packet that we use for our podcast when reaching out to potential sponsors! Click on over to get the scoop...

When should you begin reaching out to sponsors?

There’s no hard-and-fast rule about this. We decided to start reaching out to sponsors right from the beginning, before we’d even published our first episode!

Try connecting with organizations you already have a connection with and are directly relevant to that particular episode you want a sponsorship for—that will increase your chance that they’ll be on board right away.

What if I can’t get sponsors?

For episodes in which we don’t have sponsors, we began donating that usual sponsorship spot to local charities we care about. This is a great way to make a difference in the world AND to ensure your listeners consistently hear sponsorship shout-outs, so that they come to expect it in every episode.

For example, you can listen to a sponsorship spot we donated at the 21:55-minute mark of this episode.

Want to see a Sponsor Packet in action?

You can get a real-life example of what our Sponsor Packet looked like when we created it earlier this summer! It hasn’t been edited in any way: we wanted to share with you exactly what it looks like, so you can emulate it as much or as little as you like 🙂

Grab your free real-life example of a podcast Sponsor Packet >>

Psst… get more podcasting tips here.

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