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Freelancer Case Studies: What These Two Freelancers Did To Start & Grow Their Businesses

I’m excited to share with you TWO freelancer case studies featuring Set Yourself Up For Freelancing Success students today! The first is a brand-new case study, and the second is following-up on a freelancer case study from last year (you’ll get to see how this student’s business has grown over the six months since her…

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Overcoming Fear in Business

I’ve been thinking a lot about overcoming fear in business lately—partly because I’m in the midst of relaunching the Goodbye 9 to 5 masterclass (fear is one of the BIGGEST things holding people back from quitting their day jobs!), and partly because I’ve been going through a lot of fear related to business lately, myself. …

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3 Steps to Boosting Your Confidence

Confidence issues can be killer—especially in the world of business!  Something I hear again and again from people is that they haven’t taken the leap to do XYZ (usually things like pitching their services to clients, quitting their day jobs, and asking for a raise) because they don’t feel confident in themselves or their ability….

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My Freelancing Story: The 6-Year Journey to Success

Get the FREE 7-day e-course for new freelancers I didn’t always know I wanted to be a small business owner. In fact, 10 years ago I never would have thought that this is where I’d be today.  It’s been an amazing and wonderful experience, and I’ve learned SO MUCH along the way. If you’ve been…

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5 Tips To Reset Your Busy Lifestyle

When I left my first Winnipeg advertising agency position to focus on my dream of self-employment, I found myself constantly checking my email or social media channels expecting someone to contact me. I kept thinking of all the things I needed to accomplish for my business; I physically couldn’t relax. Nobody is actually busy, our mind is trying to process so much…

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