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Choosing the Cheap or No-Cost Option Isn’t Always a Good Idea In Business. Here’s Why!

“ConvertKit* sounds really awesome, but it costs too much. I’ll use MailChimp for free instead.” “What free options are there to edit video and podcasts?” “Why should I bother spending money on an expensive social media scheduler like MeetEdgar* when I can do it for much cheaper with other programs?” “I’m not going to spend…

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Should Freelancers Blog? 10 Steps to Starting a Blog for Your Business

Should freelancers blog? Too many small business owners and freelancers jump into getting a blog (just like they jump into having an email list!) without actually thinking about WHY they’re doing it.  Having a blog for your freelance business can be AMAZING for marketing purposes, connecting with your audience, and just sharing your knowledge with…

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