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A New Podcast for Small Businesses

Ladies and Gentlemen, I’ve just launched a new Small Business podcast called Candid Conversations with my friend and business partner, Sagan Morrow. This new podcast is a joint venture that brings in a wide-range of small business owners from Winnipeg and around the country, to talk about the successes and failures that is the entrepreneurship….

A&A3: Google Analytics in a Nutshell (Pt. 1)

Start With a Question and then Use Data to Answer that Question Alcohol & Analytics – Episode 3 Freelance Coach, Sagan Morrow, and I have met up once again to chat Google Analytics, Search Engine Optimization, and Dark Social in our third episode of Alcohol & Analytics, which was recorded on February 20, 2017. Here…

Alcohol & Analytics: Google Analytics Webinar

If you’ve ever had questions about Google Analytics, now is the time to start collecting them. In a collaboration with Sagan Morrow of SaganMorrow.com, we will be bringing an all-new, one of a kind video web series / series of webinars titled “Alcohol and Analytics.” This video series will be tailored to any questions you, the audience…

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5 Tips To Reset Your Busy Lifestyle

When I left my first Winnipeg advertising agency position to focus on my dream of self-employment, I found myself constantly checking my email or social media channels expecting someone to contact me. I kept thinking of all the things I needed to accomplish for my business; I physically couldn’t relax. Nobody is actually busy, our mind is trying to process so much…

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Google Analytics Magic Script + New Spreadsheets

If you’re like me, you love(d) using Nick Mihailovski’s Google Analytics Report Automation (Magic Script) for automating your data pulls from Google Analytics. As of April 2014, Google launched an Add-On’s feature which includes an awesome, upgraded version of Nick’s Google Analytics magic script. The only problem is that you can no longer automate your reports.

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6 Spring Cleaning Tips for a Twitter Account

Spring is here! One of my favourite things to do during spring (aside from eating spring-like food) is spring cleaning. Over time, you begin to collect things that you thought might have been interesting or useful only to find out that it sat in the basement and forgotten about. Never to see daylight again. Twitter’s…

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Studying for the Google Analytics IQ Exam

I want to say that I successfully completed my Google Analytics Individual Qualification exam this week. It was a long time coming, I just never seem to have found time until one day I said “Let’s do it.” There’s a lot of study material out there regarding the Google Analytics IQ exam, so I this…

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New MySpace Opens Up

The “new” MySpace opened up today to the public. Funny enough, I’ve been anticipating this news for a long while. Ever since Justin Timberlake announced the redesign back in late September. I was never one for MySpace – it didn’t appeal to me and the design of the profile pages was just brutal. From what…

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