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About Juxta

Juxta Communications is an inclusive, feminist communications agency located in Winnipeg, Canada, where we collaborate with businesses and nonprofits that do awesome work in the community. Juxta Communications is owned and operated by Chief Technology Officer Dan Nicholson and Chief Communications Officer Sagan Morrow, who bring nearly 20 years of combined experience to their work.

The purpose of Juxta is to take the marketing side of things out of the equation for your business. You love the work you do — but you don’t want the hassle of dealing with your website, social media, and advertising all the time. That’s where we come in!

Juxta Communications provides website development, content creation, business and social strategy, and advertising services to small and medium-sized businesses in Canada and across the globe. Juxta also offers consulting services: we can assist you with business strategy, market research, and project management.

In addition to our creative services, we will also soon provide educational products for the DIY business owner, on topics such as social media management, starting your own podcast, how to do media planning, and more.

Founded on the principles of transparency, trust, and partnership, we pride ourselves on working with small and medium-sized businesses, as well as nonprofits, who do good work in the community and are looking to grow their operations. We care greatly about social justice issues and our primary goal is to empower others to grow their awesome businesses into their full potential.

Learn more about Juxta Communications and listen to other small business owners and communications specialists share the behind-the-scenes stories of entrepreneurship on our podcast, Candid Conversations.

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About Dan

Dan Nicholson is the Chief Technology Officer at Juxta Communications. After growing up in Nova Scotia and studying Computer Science at Dalhousie University, he followed love and moved to Winnipeg in 2011. Not too long after that, he fell in love with Winnipeg as well!

Dan brings to Juxta more than 5 years of agency experience, working on everything from campaigns for high-profile Canadian branches of globalized corporations to managing digital marketing for Winnipeg-owned companies. He brings his industry knowledge and analytical insights and applies it to businesses large and small, helping you to identify exactly what your customer wants and needs — and how to give that to them.

After working with international and local businesses for nearly a decade, Dan is delighted to help other businesses thrive in the community.

In his spare time, Dan enjoys playing board games and video games, biking around Winnipeg, drinking coffee on his front porch, and anything else a man 40 years his senior would also enjoy.

Email: dan@juxtacommunications.ca

About Sagan

Sagan Morrow is the Chief Communications Officer at Juxta Communications. She spent her childhood living in Selkirk before living overseas for several years in Europe, and then returning to live in Winnipeg since 2006. She graduated with a degree in Rhetoric, Writing & Communication in 2010 from the University of Winnipeg.

Sagan brings to Juxta nearly a decade of experience as a blogger (SaganMorrow.com) and freelance writer, editor, and social media manager. She has worked in public relations, managed fundraising campaigns and youth programming in the nonprofit sector, edited materials for new authors and the government, and written web copy and marketing materials for a wide range of clients over the years.

After publishing her first business book in 2016, Sagan began teaching other freelancers how to start and grow their own successful freelance businesses. She adores helping struggling business owners how to create actionable strategies for finally getting liftoff with their business ideas!

In her spare time, Sagan enjoys reading, sewing her own clothes, doing yoga, and watching copious amounts of Parks & Recreation and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Email: sagan@juxtacommunications.ca